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Let's RUL the World!

Rul World will become the biggest discount club all over the world. In order to do this, we have created a secure business environment where every merchant has the ability to be promoted FREE OF CHARG

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The country of chocolate, watches and cheese, our first RUL business partner

When you think about chocolate, it comes to your mind the Swiss chocolate. Because Switzerland is one of the most famous chocolate producers in the world. The tradition of chocolate production dates

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Rul World Academy - A special service for all our members

RUL World Academy invests in the proper business and personal development of its members. Through our unique 24/7 support system and step-by-step training seminars on new simplified techniques, regardless of experience, RUL World Academy is helping you to make steady steps to success.

It’s definitely sure that in such an educational system, success is given!

We were searching for a solution to help you develop your mentality, to offer you the correct business and financial education, to teach you the secrets of our industry and to help you achieve your targets safely. You can’t go out there unprepared if you want to perform in this business. So one word came to our minds….ACADEMY!!! We carefully designed our Rul World Academy stages as we are aware that personal development is a very sensitive subject for all of you. We want to teach you how to manage your financial resources and have your own guiding principles in business and life. As a member you will go through different topics, focused on business-leadership-life seminars online and offline (live). As a result of each level completion, you will receive an official certificate. This certificate is an extra ethic reward if you want to develop and reach the next level both in your business and personal life.

You can learn with us:

  • Secret of communication
  • How to build a winner’s psychology

Rul Actions

RUL World has a strong charity action through RUL TLO Association, donating 5% of its global turnover/income with the purpose and vision of constructing buildings in every country in which RUL World operates by investing in children’s health and safety. The Rul TLO Association was created with love for the children from all over the world. Our goal is to put together a charity treasure to be used by generations to care about the little ones who need help and support.

We saw enough suffering until now, we really believe that we can make a change to make our children and nephews proud!

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