CEO of Rul World & Founder of Rul TLO Association

We created Rul World a VIP discount club to offer you a chance to change, to think different and share this gift with the others. You must dare to dream, have targets, wish for more in life because we live only once! We must stop working for the dreams of others, we must make the decision right now!

As a founder of Rul TLO Association im sure that how will grow this club , will grow and our support for the little ones. We are ready to change the history, to change lifes, to change childrens future. Are you ready? Welcome to our vision! Lets Rul the World!

I know what the majority of the people need: Freedom,Lifestyle,Quality Time. We create this opportunity for to cover the needs and expectations of the 99% of the people. We create the best product , the best service and the safest environment for to build someone a better future. Our Rul World Academy is here for to give you the Know-How and the best business and economical education. With few words you are condemned to succeed all your targets. Welcome to our vision. Lets Rul the World!

Founder of Rul World

Our team

General Manager
Ina Paladi
General Manager
“All start from one dream. My dream is to help others by offering them a collaboration and a product that will help them achieve their dreams. Rul World is the company that has a team of professionals behind, ambitious people, young dreamers, perseverants with extensive experience in network marketing and leadership, a team that goes on a road leading the world to success. I'm here because I want to smile the faces of everyone to get rid of the worries of tomorrow and to be all together happy and fulfilled. Rul World it is my family for me and this project it is like my own child. I will take care to grow beautiful and healthy
Im here to offer wings!Who is with me?”
Georgia Sorou
Social Media Director

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Call: +4 0738 821 069
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Location: Iasi, Romania

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