Happy Monday Movement

In every day of Monday the rate of heart attack increases with 36% . Experts are of the opinion that most people feel sad especially Monday because restarting the work schedule after the short weekend and this provoke nervousness and stress. Some of the reasons invoked by people are the accumulated tired, the more and more busy schedules, and the cumbersome entry into the rhythm of work.

Our mission with Happy Monday Movement is to make that person talk all day about what happened to him and forget about the troubles, liability, stress, disease,bills, disappointments, quarrels with family and all the others everyday issues.

How will your life change even for a few hours if one day you find on the windshield of your car a chocolate and a note that reminds you how beautiful is the life life and exist humanity? How do you feel if someone at supermarket will offers to pay your shoppings? How happy can make you one delicious coffe gift in that moment when you are very sad or maybe after one fight with your boss? These actions will steal you a smile? If yes, our mission is completed!

This viral movement already present in several countries brings a lot of happiness to the people.

Through the Happy Monday Movement, every Monday strangers will receive gifts of love with money exchange which give them the smile that is so missing nowadays. Our motto 'Become the change you wish to see in the world and the world will change.

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