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We dare to say that in Rul World you will find the best business opportunity in your life. It is about the chance to perform and be employer of your dreams. What do you need to start a business and to share it with other people?

  • A safe business environment
  • A product or a service that meets the needs and expectations of 99% of the people.
  • No investment and risk free
  • 24/365 support and know-how education via Rul Charity Academy and from very experienced partners
  • Two different marketing plans that run indepedently
  • 92% maximum payout
  • 14+1 ways to be rewarded for recommending the discount card and the business opportunity to other people



We know that your first days in a new business are the most difficult. You can face a lot of difficulties, that’s why we will give you back your whole investment just for sharing 1 friend in our VIP club. for your next personal recommendations we will double your winnings. (Possibility to earn more than 500€ the first 30 days)


Not only you receive rewards for your personal enrollments, but also for their personal recommendations up to 8 levels, from 5€ to 20€. (Unlimited annual income)


The first extra bonus is the business bonus. Just recommend 3 people and show them how to do the same. In this way you will receive a tablet. A great business tool for you. (Value 120€)


Live a different lifestyle doing business with Rul World and enjoy your flight to an amazing destination completely free, all inclusive, or choose a professional laptop (Value 1.200€)


VIP 1: We want you to feel special , to feel like a VIP! Your wish will be our command for up to 5.000€!

VIP 2: Pass the limits of your dreams and dare to ask everything you want, up to 25.000€ from us.


A global forced Matrix 3x8 is waiting you in our Rul World Academy to reward you for your participation. Receive an extra 1€ for each member you will have in your matrix indifferent if you put them inside or not. Here your reward can go up to 9.840€ per month.


The Leadership Bonus is a challenge to become bigger than the average. You can achieve five different Leadership ranks and extra rewards from 50€ to 1.000€ per month.


Definitelly the best car bonus in our industry. Receive every month an extra reward from 100€ to 2.000€ per month and drive the car of your dreams


This bonus keeps you in touch with all your partners. Help your team to grow and you will expand your income from 10% to 50% extra bonus to unlimited levels


If you want to participate completely free to our Rul World Academy you can do it. Just recommend 4 people and you will receive a Free Academy Pass. Equal Value of your participation in Rul World Academy


The most important day of your life it is the day when you was born. We are proud to say that we are the only company in the history of Network Marketing which make you a gift your first whole investment in your birthday.


We welcome you in our Rul World Familly giving you the opportunity to participate to 1% of our income.

You can enjoy free product and services every month from your favourite shops. Value 60€/shop/year!

We created for you the best product. A card that offers you discounts for millions of products or services all over the world via local shops, big merchants and e-shops.An usual 3 members family can save a minimum of 2.000 euro per year by simply shopping from the participating companies.The privilege of adding the products and services you use most gives you the safety that you will not change your habits, you will continue to shop from the same companies but, from now on, you will also save money for your targets, your children studies, holidays etc. How can you benefit of these discounts? It’s simple! Present the card to the shop, confirm that you are a Rul Charity International member and the merchant will give you the discount in that moment, CASH!

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